Petro-meter 2500-100i-HWICP Leak-Guardian® Complete HWICP System 1" IPS with Wireless and Hard-Wire Sensor

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Wireless System Prevents Water Damage by Turning the Water Off at the Main Supply. Features contacts for auxiliary device interfacing.
Prevents water damage by shutting off your water main. Fits 1" pipe. Expandable to any needed quantity of sensors. Perfect for your vacation home.
A water leak can cost many thousands of dollars of damage and may cause mold infestations. Prevent all that potential damage with this Leak-Guardian system. Install the ball valve in your water main, plug in the receiver, and place the sensor wherever you think you may have a water problem - near the refrigerator in case the icemaker line ruptures, behind the washing machine, under the kitchen or bathroom sinks - anywhere water might leak.
An LED on the receiver indicates alarm status, and open and closed buttons permit manual operation. Sensors have an LED to indicate alarm status and aid in detecting a low battery. The receiver also has an audio alarm to let you know there's a problem. You've installed the Leak-Guardian system to protect your home from expensive damage and mold caused by water leaks. Now complete the system by adding sensors. Put one anywhere water might leak - basement, refrigerator, dishwasher, toilets, sinks, tubs or showers. Your Leak-Guardian can accommodate any number of sensors needed to adequately protect your home.

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