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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase a Petro-Meter product?

We have many distributors and jobbers in the U.S. Please refer to our DISTRIBUTOR section or call us to recommend one near you.


How do I install a Petro-Meter?

All of our tank gauges come with clear-cut instructions. Once you have purchased a system, take some time to sit down and review the literature that is supplied. If you are installing a Model 1329 liquid level gauge, be sure that you mount the unit on the wall first before removing the elbow plug or unlocking the hand-pump. If you are installing a Model 1372 Tank Assembly Unit as well, you will need a length of common black pipe, 1-1/2" IPS, cut roughly 2" to 6" shorter than the depth of the tank. Thread one end to fit the 2" x 1-1/2" double tapped bushing furnished with this kit. Make sure that the opposite end of this reinforcer pipe is properly deburred to insure proper passage of the brass air bell featured with our kit.
Never lay a Model 1329 down after you remove the elbow plug and have the pump unlocked; it will lose indicating liquid as a result.
If you should have any questions please call us and our technicians will help you.


Can I repair the units myself?
In many cases you can. We have a full line of user replaceable parts and repair kits. For our Model 1329 series you can replace the hand-pump (P/N 1329-003) and the indicator liquid (Red-X Fluid).

For Alarm units we have parts ranging from circuit boards and pressure switches to light bulbs.

If in doubt, please send us an image of the unit/s in question for an evaluation.


Is there a warranty on your products?
Yes, all Model 1329 Tank Gauges feature a full one year factory warranty. Hold on to your receipt when you purchase the unit. If you have any issues with a new one, please return to your distributor or CONTACT US FOR AN RGA and proper shipping instructions. Please do not attempt shipping us a gauge without prior consultation; not only will we have difficulty in recognizing your claim, but without our expert packaging advice it is very likely that your unit will suffer irrepairable damage in transit forfeiting any applicable factory warranties.

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