About Us

You can count on Petro-Meter Corporation to meet your needs for any liquid level measurement tasks as we have been doing it reliably since 1926. Born and bred in New York City, our systems began shipping from our facility at 1 Star Square in Long Island City to satisfy the sprawling city’s appetite for an accurate and reliable way of measuring the single and most important commodity of the crude metropolitan winters; heating oil.

In the process we’ve refined our methods and over the decades we’ve cemented our position within our beloved city by creating an industry standard. We have since become recognized nationally and internationally as a leading manufacturer of quality liquid level measurement systems.

At Petro-Meter we fully understand how important it is to manage the liquids in your life. Aside from being to able measure stored liquids such as tank contents, we can also detect and shut down water supply pipes as the ones that feed your home or place of business.

Our wireless flood prevention systems have been designed to prevent the ravages of uncontrolled flooding from broken pipes, hoses or other plumbing failures and all on the first drop.

We give you the tools you need to control fluid, measure it or stop it from flowing. We’ve been proudly doing these things as an American company that’s kept its manufacturing efforts right here at home. It’s here that we’ll be to help you measure, monitor and give you peace of mind.

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